An industrial design studio with a difference

Made up of some of Australia’s brightest engineers, lighting designers and visual designers, Brightgreen’s mission is focused on creating LED lighting technology and home automation that improves quality of life through efficient, adaptable and intelligent design.


Role within Project
Digital Art Director / Graphic Designer


Design Team 
Tristan Mountjoy — Digital Art Director / Graphic Designer
Andrew Kulakov — Developer 
Trent Carter — Render & Motion

A digital platform reimagined

Brightgreen’s digital platform needed to be reimagined and redesigned to focus on content-rich interactive experiences to allowed for each products benefits to be clearly communicated. Special care was given to delivering a payload light touch-responsive experience that showcase each product.


Story-rich interactive content

Utilising Brightgreen’s wealth of technical resources, story-rich interactive content was developed for an immersive experience across print, motion and digital devices.

A harmonised multi-platform experience across desktop, iOS and Android devices.

Wireframing, UX and design for all digital products for harmonised experiences across desktop, iOS and Android devices.


Interactive educational and sales tools

Due to the misunderstood nature of lighting design, interactive educational tools were developed to help explain the varying properties of light. “Designing With Light” (seen below) used complex 3D interior renders to demonstrate how the positioning of overhead lighting can bring out different moods of a room.

Specialised platforms utilising Google's Material Design to funnel prospective leads to retailers

Specialised platforms were developed to assist in connecting customers to suppliers and retailers in realtime. MyBrightgreen (shown below) is a HTML web based platform built utilising Google’s Material Design framework to ensure pixel perfect consistency and visual language across all screens.